The Worlds Finest Dry Red Chilli Varieties

Indian chillies are as diverse as the country itself. From the fiery heat of northern breeds to the sweetness of those in the south, there are many different types of red chillies in India.

First introduced by the Portuguese over 500 years ago, Indian farmers now produce an incredible diversity of well over 50 chilli varieties, of different shapes, colours, flavour profiles, and heat values. India exports well over half a million tons of chillis each year, both as dry whole pods and ground into powder.

Choosing the right procurement partner is critical, so you don't just get the best-quality chillis, but a pure mix of the right chilli type too.

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Dry Red Chilli Types

Harvest Calendar

Explore our harvest calendar to see when each major Indian chilli variety is sown, grown, and harvested.

Agrospice dry red chilli harvest calendar graph
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