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Leading dry red chilli exporter & supplier from India

We're Agrocrops. Indian chilli exporters of quality and standing.

Leading dry red chilli exporter & supplier from India

We're Agrocrops. Indian chilli exporters of quality and standing.

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Welcome to our
dry red chilli market

Agrocrops is at the heart of India's world-leading chilli trade. As dry red chilli wholesale suppliers, producers, manufacturers, and processors, we breathe spice.

For red chilli powder exporters who can deliver a high-quality red chilli export from India, look no further.

Our chilli market is diverse, populous, and abundant - take a look inside.

The steps to superior quality

Our procurement process is direct, traceable, and reliable, with quality at the heart of every decision. Here's how we methodically improve quality at every stage of our procurement process as we prepare our dry red chillies for sale and export.

Agrospice Fresh Dry red chillies from farm
Agrospice dry red chillies thorough sorting
Agrospice- Repeated verification
Agrospice- secure chilli packaging
Agrospice- dry red chilli quality check
Agrocrops modern machines for chilli processing

Direct from farmers

We buy our dried red chillies solely from smallholder farmers, to maximise quality, yield, and price. Against fiery competition, our people have the expertise to secure the quality chillies you need.

Thorough sorting

We remove any deficient chillies from our production process, based on damage, incorrect species, size, and colour - to reduce variation and increase quality.

Repeated verification

Buying on the open market makes verification key, which is why we monitor colour, moisture, size, types, and wastage throughout our production process.

Protecting our product

With a low bulk density, red chillies are susceptible to damage in transit. Our bale packaging compresses the chillies, providing unparalleled protection.

Strictly stemless

Chilli stems don't deliver flavour, but they're time-consuming to remove. Unlike many other dry red chilli exporters, we remove stems from our produce, making our chilli powders some of the highest quality out there.

Modern machinery

We embrace modernity. Our advanced machinery improves the quality of our produce, whether it's cleaning seeds or removing discoloured or damaged chillies from the production line.

Our Story

How we came in from the cold

Red chilli exports from India are in high demand all over the world, but with so much competition it's hard to be sure of the quality.

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Our customers deserve better, so we work tirelessly to improve our production, procuring direct from farmers to ensure greater control over cost, quality, and processing.

Thanks to our customers, our employees, and the quality of our products, we're thrilled to have won multiple awards for our spicy, mouth-watering dry red chilli export products.

Empowering our female workforce

Supporting women in the chilli trade

Women have been at the heart of the chilli industry for many decades, but all too often their hard work and in-depth process expertise have been underappreciated.

At Agrocrops we know what it takes to work in the chilli business. So we do what we can to support our workers, providing:

  • An above-market wage
  • An annual bonus
  • Free clothing
  • Superior working conditions, throughout the year
  • Education for the children of permanent workers
  • Catering
Agrospice- Women workforce

Why choose Agrocrops?

Beyond the heat

As we grow, we believe in uplifting the entire red chilli ecosystem. We invest in programmes that enhance the lives of the people we work with, and build a better future for our planet.

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D.No 25-16-180, 181, Mirichi Yard Road, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, 522005